Our staff will continue working either remotely or from our office depending on the current status. The markets have not shut down and neither will we. 

While some of this may seem unprecedented, much of what of what we are going through is not. We have had bear markets and we have had recessions before. Markets recover after these events and while no one knows exactly how long it will take, we encourage and advise you to remain focused on your long-term plans.

Our office is available and will stay in communication throughout this time of concern. In the meantime, remember that this too shall pass. Until we talk again, be well.

Dale Immekus
President, Senior Financial Planner, AWMA

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No Emergency Fund- What Now?

by Dale Immekus on

So, what can you do if you don’t have emergency savings and, like many people right now, are staring down a significant financial hardship?

If you don’t have an emergency fund you are probably operating on paper thin margins. That means any disruption to your income becomes serious right away...

Emergency Fund

by Dale Immekus on

I want to share some insight from a recent prospective client engagement. This is not meant to be an “I told you so” story. This is more of a cautionary tale and the very reason we favor the planning first approach when it comes to our financial advice and services.

Everyone should know how...