Insurance Basics for People to Consider

I am a big fan of utilizing a team of professionals. Some obvious professionals to think about are doctors, lawyers, accountants and financial planners but it should also include anyone who has an expertise which you do not and one that will benefit your wellbeing. That being the case the following is a question and answer with Pat Schumacher who owns Nationwide Insurance here in Lodi, CA and is an expert in property and casualty, personal lines of insurance. 

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What can one do to be prepared financially in case of blackouts or other potential emergencies?

PG&E has been on a campaign to inform the general public to be prepared during blackouts. The reason behind this information is that PG&E will be more likely to instigate preemptive power outages in the future due to the horrible wildfire disasters we have experienced in recent years. These outages may or may not affect us directly but certainly could touch other family and friends whom we care about.

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The Vacation Industry has changed but should still be planned

Vacations in the scope of financial responsibility are considered a lifestyle not a fundamental goal. A financial planner is first responsible for guiding you to address fundamental goals then lifestyle goals as well as helping you understand the difference. Regardless if you consider time away from work mandatory to maintain sanity and your overall well-being, it is still a lifestyle choice for you to make.

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