Do you know what you are invested in?

- Stocks?
- Corporate Bonds?
- Bonds?
- Municipal Bonds?
- Mutual Funds?
- Exchange Traded Funds?
- Annuities?
- Commodities?
- Domestic or Foreign Holdings?
- Alternative Investments?
- Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Do you know what the risk and reward of those investments are?

How far up or far down your account values might fluctuate?
Is this risk appropriate for your goals?
Can you reduce and still reach you goals?
Our Portfolio Stress Test can help answer that question



Do you know what the investment cost you?

- Are there annual Fees?
- How much do you pay in commissions?
- Did you know there are internal expenses to Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Fund’s in addition to commissions?

It is true that there is no “free lunch”. It is also important to understand what you are paying for and at Dedicated we believe you should know.

We are a full service firm offering the following:

  • All brokerage accounts types and a full line of investments including fee based professionally managed account options.
  • Direct investments through multiple mutual fund and investment companies.
  • Variable, fixed and indexed annuity options through multiple insurance carriers.

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